Our institute is committed to provide rich environment to develop hand , heart and head of our students. To achieve that aim, we have following facilities for our students :

We have airy classrooms with full sunlight in natural settings.

Our school has a big library containing vast literature so the students can develop Reading habit.

We have a big playground with shady trees.

Our school has a science laboratory where students can conduct experiments and increase their science knowledge.

We conduct shibir, N.S.S. camp during the year for making them sensible citizens to render service in society.

We give practical knowledge in agriculture and Sahkar panchayat subjects.

The institute provides hostel facility so that the students can learn social values and become self-relient.

The students get nutritious food in bhojanalaya. The rectors define the students’ role and according to that arrangement they serve food to rest of the students.

The students have a good computer lab to gain computer operating knowledge.

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